To Michaela on your wedding day~all my love, Mom


Today you are a Bride 

Tonight a Wife

Already a Mother

But always our Little Girl

Michaela June. From day one you filled our hearts with joy. I still hear Marcia’s 3 year old voice proclaiming “1994!” everytime I held up the camcorder to document another new day of your precious beginnings. I usually started by stating the day and date, and your proud big sister always right by your side interjected YOUR year “1994”. 

And, well, Madeline was only 2, but close by in tow. Whenever she “held” you, she would carefully poke you and give you wet kisses on your head in between sips from her juice bottle.

As you grew, both your sisters doted over you, but, I’m sure you probably remember that differently…I never let it get to torture. 

Mostly though, it’s images of you with them…cozied-up together in an old wingback chair that warms my heart. My three little sweet girls. 

My greatest loves. 

And you …the baby. 

But look at you today! 

A beautiful Bride beside her Groom. 

And your sisters still cozied by your side under your Dad’s on looking eye. We couldn’t love you more or be more proud of the woman you have become. 

From baby to now,

 from Miss to Mrs. 

and everything in between,! 

So without a doubt, I am confident that you will continue to make a life of happiness for yourself with Quentin & Everett. 

As your Mother, I couldn’t wish for anything more.  

So, from this day forward, may you my sweet Michaela nurture a love that your husband looks forward to coming home to at day’s end. And may you Quentin, my first son, in similar love, make your wife miss you every day. (Martin Luther, paraphrase)

Congratulations my baby girl♡

Love, Mom


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