4th of July and a Shopping Cart

​I miss July 4th. Remember the one day, on the day celebration of Independence Day? So many great memories. Now it’s a weekend of constant booms and fireworks. Four nights of hours of noise…but I hear no laughter, no song, no “God Bless America”, no ooohs or ahhhhs. The most patriotic display I saw this day was the poor soul, probably a vet, with his bottle and cans collection in his cart as he strolled upon our yard. His hair was long, white and shiny clean pulled back in a ponytail. A white beard dignified his face. But, best of all was the what looked like a brand new outfit he sported. Stars and Stripes! Red, White and Blue! Shorts and Jersey. Standing at the end of my driveway. I went to my kitchen to meet him outback with our bottle container. I left him alone to pick through. After a few minutes, I returned to retrieve the wastecan. Returning to my porch, I couldn’t help but stare and melt with compassion.  He situated his wares in his shopping cart loaded with bags. He offered a sincere thank you. We wished him well. As he walked away I wanted to salute him, not because he looked like a flag, but because he celebratrated this day, this July 4th Independence Day with Remembrance on his brow, Sincerity in his manner and Honor on his sleeve. He wore Honor. And he made me feel proud to be an American. Thank you Mr. Bottleman. And Happy 4th of July.


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