Upon Waking…Where Is The Sunshine?

The sun rises and sets everyday.  It is there, even on the cloudiest day.  I am amazed at its brilliance, size and warmth: the center of the universe, the sustainer of life.  But, how is it then, that such power can be completely blocked by vaporous particles of cloud masses to darken our days?  On this foggy damp cool morning, I beg for its presence.

…and on my inside, I feel foggy, clouded and dim.

All the small “particles” of stuff getting in the way.

anxiety over money

concern over other’s actions

choices that are not mine

the behavior of another that I cannot condone

self pity glooming over my ineffectiveness

resentment for past mistreatments

anger for not getting my way

…and the list goes on

…and on



Darkness and silence and all that is real and important remains.  Afraid of the dark?  Don’t be. Listen to the whisper of its Wisdom.  It is in the grimness of this inevitable condition of life that speaks to my soul. And, I am always surprised how just one little glimmer…of hope…of truth…of reality…of insight…of calm… can light up the inner rooms of my heart and mind.  Have you ever noticed that?  Much like one little candle can break all darkness!  Light strikes out darkness!

…and on my inside I feel foggy, clouded and dim.

All the “particles” of stuff getting out of the way.

lack for nothing today

self evaluation, my concern

discernment is mine

my best performance today

gratitude for all I am able to do

forgiveness for you…and me

acceptance for the things I cannot change is within my reach

…and the list goes on

…and on



And the sun rises and sets everyday.


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